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    Add Extra Electrodes To Your Order

    Special one-time offer, only $35!
    Add additional reusable electrodes! Electrodes should be used by one person only for sanitary purposes. Sharing the unit with others? Grab extra pads! 

    Includes 1 Package of Square 2"x2" pads, and 1 Package of Rectangle 1.75" x 3.5" Pads. 

    Each package includes 4 pads.

    Need more pads? Email us at after you complete your order and we can customize!

    Under Eye Treatment
    Are you ready to improve your skin and overall health?

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    What's included?

    Your own Portable Microcurrent Device with 4 Pads
    (Value $220 USD) 

    Detailed videos on setting up and using your device  

    The science of Frequency Specific Microcurrent  

    9 Specific treatment protocols (Hands, Upper Chest, Under Eyes, Scarring, Acne, Cellulite, Pain, Injuries, and Wound healing) 

    Downloadable Quick Reference Guide so you can access your protocols and settings anytime  

    BONUS #1: Downloadable Nutritional Support Guide to improve results by supporting the body from the inside out  

    BONUS #2: Downloadable Nutritional Facelift Guide. How dietary choices and nutrients affect aging

    Lifetime access (including future updates made to the program)

    The only program that teaches you HOW and WHY Microcurrent works AND addresses whole body wellness. Address skin concerns, pain, injuries and more right from the comfort of your home. It's so much more than a cosmetic device.. it's a wellness device. 
    Happy Customer

    I used the MicroPlus on my back. I had a fall on the stairs and I am amazed at the healing process. I was even able to go for a massage 4 days after the incident and skiing 9 days later. Pretty grateful I am able to go on with my daily activities without showing any signs of injury.

    Happy Customer

    "This is a great course. I would highly recommend to my clients family and friends. Great price point for the in-depth information provided in the course along with the handy micro plus unit!"

    Happy Customer

    MicroPlus 101 provides a thorough overview of microcurrent, the machine plus several wellness/ healing/self-improvement protocols. 

    The instructional videos are broken down into digestible parts and delivered by credible, knowledgeable hosts. There are also beautiful downloads included! Whether you are a wellness practitioner or a person looking for alternative ways to achieve personal well-being, this course and the machine are amazing tools!

    Happy Customer

    I have arthritis in my neck. I have had neck stiffness, pain and continual headaches for weeks. I have previously used a 

    Dr. Ho with minimal improvement. I used the MicroPlus unit for the first time last night for 30 minutes. I slept for the first time in weeks and my headache is completely gone!  Thank you for these amazing protocols!

    • Who Shouldn't Use This?
      You should avoid use if you have a pacemaker or have active Cancer.
      If you are pregnant or nursing please consult with your health care professional prior to use.

    • How long do I have access to the course?
      Forever.. ish! You have lifetime access to the course, however we know that technology and platforms change over time. Therefore we can say you have access for the lifetime of this course. We can guarantee minimum of 1 year from date of purchase. Plus you will have your downloaded quick reference guides with everything you need there!
    • Why this device?
      We have been using this device in our Physiotherapy practice for 25+ years. This device is easy to use, learn, and is mobile and hands free. It's ability to provide a variety of treatments makes it a no brainer!
    • Can I use other microcurrent devices with your course?
      Maybe! It would depend on what settings are available on the device. We do use frequency specific protocols.
    • How is this different from other hand held Cosmetic devices?
      This is not simply a cosmetic device, but it does improve skin! The variety of treatments you are able to use this for far surpasses the capabilities of a cosmetic unit. Additionally it functions hands free allowing you to go about your day!
    • Warranty and Returns
      The units have a 2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.
      As this is a medical device we are unable to offer returns. If there is an issue with your unit please let us know.